Water Proof, Heat Resistant, Holographic Ethylenepropylene rubber , self amalgamating, moisture proof, high voltage tape suitable for insulation & jacketing from 600 V to 69000V.
Waterproof, permanent splices on power cables  repairing damaged cable sheaths, protecting high voltage bus components.

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Long runs of unprotected, PVC or plastic rubber sheathed combustible cables, usually supported by cable trays, are prone to rapid fire spread /generation of toxic smoke /acid gases and can thus cause excessive damage to men & materials.

Unprotected cables burn & propogate fire after only a few minutes of exposure to fire/ flames. Power required for vital control functions, supplies and services fails very quickly.

Burning cable sheaths carry the fire rapidly forwards and the burning PVC gives off aggressive toxic vapours.

Firex EC 43 is a heavy-bodied, water-based intumescent coating which is designed to prevent flame spread along the jacketing of electrical (or other) cables and to provide a thermal barrier for protection against heat damage caused be external fires /internal short circuiting . Firex EC 43, today, uniquely provides the longest time span fire protection, in the world.