3 Layer Penetrative, Flexible, Elastomeric, UV- Resistance Waterproofing


water proofing

753 Stangard Anti carbonation coating

  • Based on Green Technology
  • Protects concrete floors/walls, against carbonation
  • No crack formation
  • Breathable, can be applied on damp surfaces


water proofing

2040 poly HYB

  • Hybrid, Co-polymer,Cross Linked
  • Superior alternative conventional primer
  • Twice the life warrantied
  • Self priming,ready to use
  • Fast drying



Strippex (AVL)

  • Self –Amalgamatin
  • Outstanding corona and ozone resistance
  • UV resistant
  • Excellent moisture,corrosion and chemical resistance

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In building construction, waterproofing in a roof  is a fundamental aspect of creating a building envelope, which is a controlled environment.  Waterproofing in roofs can be done during or after building work to protect the structure from water damage caused by rain, moisture and leaks.First time in india, the  3-Layer Penetrative,flexible,Elastomeric UV resistant waterproofing is introduced for roofs. It is mainly based on Green Technology. It is Penetrative (up to 10 mm),will seal concrete internal capillary voids very effectively, will not crack/peel off with time. Hence we are leading Waterproofing Contractors Kerala we do It is breathable, can be applied on damp surfaces. It having high flexibility, excellent durability and also resistant to carbondioide and chloride ion diffusion.

Masonry surfaces, such as exterior walls, are among the largest surface areas exposed to weather conditions such as rain, dust, UV rays and fungus.Many concrete structure are exposed to atmospheric carbon di oxide emitted from various sources. In presence of moisture/water, atmosphere carbon di-oxide difuses slowly to the concrete and the process of carbonation is imitated. Basic oxides are changed to carbonates by the action of carbon-di-oxide and water and also  leading to a loss of alkalinity and subsequent corrosion of the reinforcing steel. Structural integrity can therefore become severely compromised so it is critical to specify anti-carbonation coatings for both new and existing structures. Such products can ensure that buildings remain visually attractive throughout their lifespan and avoid costly and disruptive repair and maintenance work further down the line.

Under-tile waterproofing of wet areas is essential in order to prevent the buildup of dampness and humidity. Due to the frequency and intensity of exposure to humid conditions, bathroom and kitchen waterproofing (wet area or wet room waterproofing) is essential and we do the requirement for waterproofing in KeralaWaterproofing of roof terrace, sunken portion, washing area, building side walls,underground water tanks, overhead tanks, bathroom, kitchen, open area, bathrooms are done with flexible polymer coating (F.R.P sheet) fibre mesh. Waterproofing during construction! You won’t have to face any leakage issues and hassles after construction. It just helps save time & money.

Successful waterproofing of concrete foundations prevents the degradation of environmental and health conditions and of building materials used in belowground stories and extends the service life of concrete constructions. The first condition that must be met in choosing the right material is the compatibility between the existing beam surface and the liquid product intended to be used. Not paying attention to the type of material previously used to coat single-ply columns and beams can be a costly mistake. Maintenance of building should commence immediately after construction to improve the durability. The building that have been well maintained remain in good condition serve better for the expected service life.

An epoxy  floor coating is not paint. Paint for  floors is a latex acrylic product. Epoxy is an actual thermosetting resin that is applied as a coating. It is formed when you mix one part epoxide resin with one part polyamine hardener. The hardener acts as a catalyst and is what gives epoxy its strength. Epoxy floors are so strong that they’re often used in heavy traffic areas such as industrial environments, hospitals, or sports facilities. If you’ve ever considered an easy-to-maintain, industrial-grade flooring option, we bet there’s an epoxy solution for you.  Whether you need to make a beautiful entrance to your hotel lobby, or create a fire-proof warehouse floor, there’s an epoxy system for you.

Anti-Bacterial Epoxy Flooring is a defense system that helps to  limit the growth of organisms on and in your flooring.  Antibacterial floor coatings are important contributor to optimal sanitation and pathogen control.  We use the latest and most effective antimicrobial products in our epoxy and resinous flooring that are strong enough to win the war against these environmental challenges. Our antimicrobial epoxy flooring doesn’t just give surface protection; it is embedded throughout the polymer material providing anti-pathogen protection inside and out. Our antimicrobial flooring offers inbuilt protection whether it a simple finish or one our custom solutions.

Anti-Carbonation coating is an impermeable layer against oil and water,but allows concrete to breath. Anti –Carbonation coating penetrates deeply into contaminated concrete ,bonds strongly,seals and protects concrete floors. waterproofing contractors Kerala Ready-to-use, non-toxic, penetrating, permanent water & oil tolerant concrete sealer, specifically formulated, and composed of organic, chemically reactive, complex catalyzed compounds,which allow full penetration with superior surface tolerance & application on damp substrates.Enhances all of the natural characteristics of concrete and seals the capillary voids to practically zero. Suitable for all above/below grade, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces.It is UV tolerant and will not get damaged/brittle with time

Without doubt some of the most dangerous and highly flammable materials in a workplace is electrical cables. Cable fire protection coating are water based, odourless, white intumescent fire retardant coating for cables with plastic casing to prolong the functions of the cables in the event of a fire. Flexible wraps are used to seal gaps and voids around cables and pipes. We are one of the proficient manufacturers and exporters of wide range of Fire Retardant Coating for Electrical Cable. The products provided by us are extensively acknowledged in the market owing to their indispensable attributes such as highly flexible, ability to withstand high temperature, heat resistance, fine finish, easy to install, precise dimensions, etc.

Primers and sealers are specialized paints. The grout can then be sealed with penetrating grout sealers to minimize future stain problems.  For plaster surfaces, use acrylic or latex wall sealer. Penetrating sealers can be brushed, sprayed, or rolled into the surface. Wall Seal penetrates deeply into concrete, bonds strongly, seals & protects concrete walls, against seepages, as well as prevents decorative wall coating from peeling off.

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